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Varsity Spy: Saturday

What colors are you wearing on this fine Saturday??  Yes, it’s a fine Saturday, regardless of the weather, because we have a full day of college football!  Get that charcoal burning, pour yourself a bloody Mary (you have my permission) and get the tailgate going whether at the stadium or in your own back yard.

Today we have FOUR matches of top 25 teams (the amount of great games to watch is going up every single week).

At 3:30 on CBS, it’s the Tigers vs the Tigers.  Good thing for us viewers that’s Burnt Orange and Navy Blue vs Purple and Gold.  The Bayou Bengals are favored by a touchdown, after winning their first game against another Top 25 team last week.  It wouldn’t surprise me if it was closer than that, but I do think if you’re wearing Purple and Gold, you’ll have a good day.

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Also at 3:30, on NBC, it’s Georgia Tech visiting Notre Dame.  If you love one of these teams, you’re wearing Blue and Gold already.  If not, this is your pick for the day!  Put on those colors and you can tell everyone you picked the winner!  The game looks like a good one.  The Fighting Irish began the week as a 1 point favorite at home, but the bettors out there have been choosing the Yellow Jackets, making them a 2.5 point favorite.  Georgia Tech is a fun team to watch with their unique offense, but I like the the luck of the Irish to push the underdog to a win at home.

At 9:15 it’s time for Ole Miss and Alabama. I love love love these southern games under the lights.  There’s something incredible about the atmosphere.  You can feel the dedication of these SEC fans that have been tailgating for 12 hours.  You can see the humidity in the air through the television with the glow of those lights on the field.  And the intensity of these SEC night games is unmatched.  Every play seems like freight trains crashing into each other, electricity running through the air, pushing the players to the edge of their ability to keep their emotions from exploding between plays.  This is what college football is all about.  This passion, this energy, this skill and competitiveness.  That’s all you need to know about this one.  Have your colors on, and enjoy!

For the west coast fans and the east coast night owls, we have BYU visiting UCLA at 10:30.  The Cougars have surprised everyone, but I just don’t know how long they can continue to look so good.  There’s a reason the True Blue and Gold is favored by more than two touchdowns over upstart BYU, and I think the Bruins will roll.  BYU has surprised so far this year though, so late night fire works can’t be ruled out.
Get your colors on!



About the Author

Spartan Jeff thinks he knows a lot about football.  Mainly because he played in high school (like 100 million other kids), but also because he took a class in college.  Coaching Football 101; instructor Nick Saban (for real).

Varsity Spy Week 2

Hey College football Fans!  What colors were you wearing last Saturday?? If it was green and white like me, it was a great night to be a college football fan!  My Michigan State Spartans stayed ahead of Oregon in a close one, and moved into that all important #4 spot in the rankings.  If you were wearing Tennessee Orange and White, the day wasn’t so great.  An entertaining game for a fan of the game but not fans of the Vols, and a great win for the Oklahoma Sooners. 

Oklahoma appears to be a team on the rise, keep an eye out for them.  Also on the rise: Bowling Green with their big win over a Big Ten team (what do you think of Orange and Brown as a color combo?), the undefeated Houston Cougars, and the Kentucky Wildcats –  no, it’s not basketball season, but get your colors out Kentucky fans!

Hope you all enjoyed the day as much as I did, I’ll try to share some things to look for in week 3 soon!

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About the Author

Spartan Jeff thinks he knows a lot about football.  Mainly because he played in high school (like 100 million other kids), but also because he took a class in college.  Coaching Football 101; instructor Nick Saban (for real).

Varsity Spy

Before I begin, allow me to explain why you’re reading a football blog on a fashion website.  I like to look good.  I might not be consistently aware of the most fashionable styles, nor an early adopter of new trends, but I do like to look good.  I give the appropriate concern to how my tie works with my shirt, and whether a particular suit pulls those things together.  I color coordinate when throwing on clothes that will never see the outside of my house, and even what I wear to bed.  But my favorite days of getting dressed are the easiest.  Saturdays from September through (hopefully) December and (maybe) even January if things really go right!  I don’t know exactly what I’m going to wear each of those Saturdays – I live in New England after all, the weather gods have much to do with how I dress –  however, I do already know what colors I’ll be wearing each of those Saturdays.  Nothing goes together quite like Green and White.

Whatever your team colors are, wear them proud (especially when September hope still exists for all), and let’s talk football!  Here’s a week 1 recap, with a week 2 preview yet to come.

If you had to choose between your team having a QB who is a 2 time major conference player of the year, or one who went 11-1 as a starter last year while becoming a leading Heisman candidate, or one who won a Conference Championship, a playoff game, and a National Championship game, who would you choose??  For every school but one, none of the three are an option.  For Ohio State, they don’t have to choose, because they have all 3!  Like most teams in week 1, the Buckeyes didn’t have their best game – and that’s a scary thought.  They put some serious offensive talent on display. Ezekiel Elliot’s explosive runs and the spin move that spun the world wide web for the next 24 hrs (google it if you haven’t seen it, it’s sick!), Ohio State on offense looked the definition of explosive.  Step by step, then wham! The rockets go on.

Last week there was only one matchup between ranked teams, and that was Wisconsin and Alabama.  No surprise that Wisconsin is no longer ranked.  I love Badger fans (Madison, WI rocks), but they were the only ones who thought that might end well for the Badgers, who are no longer ranked.   

Though not a matchup of ranked teams, the game between Arizona State and Texas A&M featured unranked A&M as the favorite over #15 ASU.  This week, A&M is ranked #16.  They showed great balance in slowing down the ASU offense, while demonstrating some of the explosiveness you expect from a Kevin Sumlin coached team.  I thought this would be a close one, with A&M perhaps squeaking by, but now I think A&M could play a significant part in deciding the SEC West, the deepest conference division in the country. 

Other teams that impressed me last week:  Tennessee (their competition may not have been a big name, but Bowling Green has good talent and looked way overmatched against UT– and with you reading this on a fashion website, you know that UT Orange looks good!), Notre Dame looked dominant in that methodical ND way over Texas, and #4 Baylor put up that big point total that you expect from them.

Check back in, and have those colors on! Go Green, go white!


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About the Author

Spartan Jeff thinks he knows a lot about football.  Mainly because he played in high school (like 100 million other kids), but also because he took a class in college.  Coaching Football 101; instructor Nick Saban (for real).

Hello 2015 Collection

Oh Gosh, the new 2015 Game Day collection is making our hearts SING!! Just like Edd Sheran yo! We had a great time at CAMEX and we are ready for Atlanta and Dallas market.


Atlanta: March 19-22 Booth 2-342

Dallas: March 25-28 SCENE Booth 13-504

Want a sneak peak do ya?

2015 postcard